About The Author

sixfigurecopy authorMy name is Harlan Kilstein and I’ve been dispensing my hard nosed advice on copy writing forums for several years.  I turned pro in November 2004 and never looked back.

In my first month, I raked in $32,500 shocking some of the biggest names in the copy writing industry.  Seasoned pros would accost me at seminars and demand to know my secrets.

By the end of an exciting first year, I had taken in $325,000.  I was incredibly busy cranking out sales letters for my clients.  On December 28, 2004, I posted my goals for 2005 on the AWAI forum; I wanted to bring in $500,000 – a half a million bucks – in my second year.

I write this letter to you on October 30th. I’ve already cleared $525,000 and there are still two months to go in the year.

Now let me tell you something most people don’t know.  Just a couple of years ago, I was millimeters away from declaring bankruptcy.  I even hired a lawyer to discuss the ramifications.  And when he finished all the horror stories, I resolved in my mind there had to be another way out of the mire of debt. And that’s when I tossed my hat in the copy writing ring.

Does half a million bucks change your life?  Sure does.  I give my family the best of everything now.  They knew when things were really rough and I couldn’t afford to send them on school trips with their friends. Heck, I wondered how they missed all the phone calls from my buddies the debt collectors. But now…things are amazingly different because I’ve cracked the code to making serious money. They go to the best private schools, get fancy MP3 players and computers for gifts, and even vacations overseas.

My wife is enjoying our new found money as well.  Her mission for this year is redoing the house and she is making it look beautiful.  She remembers fielding many of those calls and wondering when it would ever end.